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SEWP General Information
    for Department Of Defense

Shay Assad, Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, said in an interview with Government Executive that when considering Interagency Contracts:
"I have been very clear to our employees that if an interagency provider, such as NASA's [Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement, or SEWP], or the Interior Department, or whatever is the most effective way to buy the goods and services, that's the way to go."

Government Executive
April 24, 2007
Memorandum of Agreement Between DoD and NASA SEWP

In November 2007, The Department of Defense (DoD) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with NASA regarding the use of the SEWP Contract. The memorandum recognizes the mutual agreement of the involved parties to work together as Federal partners and to demonstrate their commitment to achieve compliance with acquisition. In addition, the MOA establishes a framework for the relationship to support the mission of both agencies and to improve efficiencies and leverage resources and capabilities. In particular, the MOA establishes procedures for the use of the SEWP contract by DoD.

Memorandum of Agreement
Issued:   November 5, 2007 Download (PDF)

DoD Certification Letter for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014
Issued:   September 11, 2014 Download (PDF)

USAF ITCC Mandate for iPads & Tablets

USAF's IT Commodity Council has determined that is serves USAF's immediate short-term strategic sourcing solution to authorize purchase of Electronics Flight Bags (EFBs)/iPads and Tablets through the NASA SEWP contract.

ITCC's Short-term Strategic Sourcing Solution for EFBs/iPads (PDF)
ITCC's Sourcing Solution for RFBs/iPads and Tablets (PDF)

Points of Contact
Barbara Sanford, Cellular Services & and Devices PM(334) 416-6825
NASA SEWP Helpline(301)
Obtaining Free SEWP Training

The DoD IG, in collaboration with the NASA IG, recently completed an audit of DoD procurements made through the NASA SEWP contract. The report includes recommendations on how DoD can best utilize this acquisition vehicle. The DoD IG recommends the Department take maximum advantage of the free on-site training offered by NASA and to routinely utilize SEWP's on-line RFQ tool. The Department concurs with these recommendations.

Mr. Shay Assad
Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy
October, 2006

DoD response to the DoD IG/GAO Final Report
Issued:   March 13, 2007 Download (PDF)

DoD Memorandum on Mandatory SEWP Training
Issued:   March 16, 2007 Download (PDF)

How to request training
A 15 minute introductory SEWP Training Video may be downloaded.
Please email or contact the SEWP helpline at 301-286-1478 to schedule a free training session at your site.

Meeting Requirements for Fair Opportunity and Competition

You are highly encouraged to utilize the SEWP On-line RFQ tool, especially since it includes prompts to ensure that the requirements for "Fair Opportunity" are met. Additionally, you are highly encouraged to seek discounts when using SEWP. For questions concerning how to best use this tool please contact the SEWP help line at 301-286-1478.

Mr. Shay Assad
Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy
October, 2006

Further DoD Policy Memoranda

For the most up-to-date DoD Policy Memoranda please go to

Proper Use of Non-DoD Contracts
Issued: June 17, 2005   Download (PDF)
Issued: October 29, 2004   Download (PDF)   or   Download (doc)

General DoD and SEWP Procurement Links

Report from DoD IG on DoD procurements using the NASA SEWP Contracts Download (pdf)

DoD Procurement Office slideshow (ppt) presentation on what "Get IT Right" means to you

SEWP Procurement Document (PDF)

SEWP points of contact

Point of Contact for Department Of Defense
Michael Canales (703) 695-8571