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NOTICE: To view RFQs created prior to the start of SEWP V, use the SEWP IV Quote Request Tool for ‘read only’ access to RFQs created 2/1/13 – 4/30/15. Access to RFQs created prior to 2/1/13 is available upon request by contacting SEWP Customer Care at Updated: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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General Information

Our Mission, Vision & Goals
What is SEWP? What's in SEWP? NASA SEWP Office Contract Info
What is SEWP?

Providing the latest in Information Technology (IT) products and services, the NASA Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement (SEWP) IV contract vehicle has an outstanding track record of serving up fresh technology for Federal Agencies. SEWP is a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) consisting of 37 Competed Prime Contract Holders, including 17 small businesses. Small Business categories include: Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB); Woman-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB); HUBZone Small Businesses; Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB); and Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDB). There are 4 non-competed 8(a) Set-Aside Contracts that are used to complement the competed contracts in providing IT services and solutions. The SEWP contracts offer a vast selection and wide range of advanced technology, including, desktops and servers; IT peripherals; network equipment; storage systems; security tools; software products; cloud based services; video conferencing systems and other IT and Audio-Visual products along with product based services such as installation and maintenance to all Federal Agencies (including Department of Defense) and their approved support service contractors. SEWP offers low prices (generally below GSA schedule prices), the lowest surcharge (0.39%) and the easiest and fastest ordering procedure using pre-competed contracts.

Through SEWP, Agencies can find an exact fit for their needs at the best overall value by searching the Web and choosing the right solutions offered directly by leading hardware and software manufacturers and experienced Government integrators.

Download a list of acronyms commonly used by SEWP. PDF

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What's in SEWP IV?

SEWP IV are firm fixed price contracts that offer a wide variety of IT products and product solutions, including:

  • Desktop Computers and Laptops
  • High performance servers and data-base servers
  • Mass storage and network devices
  • Advanced video and visualization solutions
  • Computer support devices
  • Security systems and tools
  • Audio-Visual systems
  • Cost per Copy Multi-Functional Printers
  • Warranty and Maintenance
  • Implementation and Installation
  • Product-based Training
  • And many more

Over 1,900,000 contract line items from over 3800 manufacturers are available through the SEWP Contract Holders.

SEWP Scope (PPT)

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SEWP HelpLine: (301) 286-1478
SEWP FAX: (301) 286-0317
NASA SEWP Government Staff
NASA Program Manager / CoTR
Joanne Woytek (301) 614-7128
NASA Deputy Program Manager
Darlene Coen (301) 614-7127
ASRC Primus SEWP Program Management Office (PMO) Staff:
SEWP Operation Manager
Terita Easton (301) 614-7111
Technical Strategy Manager
Alexander Marshall (301) 614-7141
Technical Operations
Randi Gidderon (301) 286-1478
Customer Service
Harry Davis (301) 614-7098
Point of Contact for Department Of Defense
Michael Canales (703) 695-8571
Points of Contact for Department Of Veterans Affairs
General Questions
Specific program Questions
Sharon Ehrenberg; VACO, Vendor Management Office (VMO) (202) 461-7244
Bev Hunt; VACO, Vendor Management Office (VMO) (202) 461-7995
Dionna McTaw; VACO, ITRM Acquisition (IT Tracker) (202) 461-7533

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Contract Information
Contract Number: NNG07DAXXB (varies per contract, see list below)
Contract Type: Fixed Price, IDIQ

SEWP is divided into 5 Groups of contracts. Groups A, B, C and D were awarded through a competitive process. Group B is Set-Aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) and Group C for Small Business. Group E consists of non-competed 8(a) Set-Aside contracts.

Note that each competed group has the same scope which provides overlap among all contracts and groups.

Per Fair Opportunity as required by FAR Part 16, all Contract Holders within any one individual group must be considered (the SEWP on-line RFQ and search tools automatically provide the Fair Opportunity groupings when selecting Contract Holders). It is recommended to post requirements to all four groups for maximum competition.

*This contract holder is no longer a small business. Selection will prevent ordering agencies from receiving small business credits. For more details, please read our FAQ.
  Company   Contract(s)   Business Designation
Group A:   VARs & Computer System OEM's NAICS Code: 334111
Alliance Technology NNG07DA10B SDB
Dell Federal Systems NNG07DA15B Other Than Small
Force 3, Inc. NNG07DA11B/NNG07DA18B Small Business
Four Points Tech. NNG07DA16B SDVOSB
Hewlett Packard (HP) NNG07DA17B Other Than Small
IBM NNG07DA12B Other Than Small
PCMG, Inc. NNG07DA08B Other Than Small
Silicon Graphics Fed. NNG07DA14B Other Than Small
Unisys NNG07DA09B/NNG07DA13B Other Than Small
Group B:   Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business NAICS Code: 541519
Alvarez & Associates NNG07DA46B SDVOSB
FedStore Corporation NNG07DA43B SDVOSB
i3 Federal NNG07DA42B SDVOSB
MicroTech LLC NNG07DA47B Other Than Small *Read Details
Three Wire Systems NNG07DA44B SDVOSB
ThunderCat Technology NNG07DA45B SDVOSB
Group C:   Small Business Set-Aside VARs NAICS Code: 541519
Affigent, LLC NNG07DA19B Small Business
Blue Tech, Inc. NNG07DA22B WOSB/HUBZone
CounterTrade Products NNG07DA24B WOSB
FCN Technology NNG07DA26B WOSB
GC Micro NNG07DA30B Small Business NNG07DA27B Small Business
immixGroup NNG07DA20B Other Than Small *Read Details
Intelligent Decisions NNG07DA28B Other Than Small *Read Details
Merlin International NNG07DA23B VOSB
Red River NNG07DA25B Small Business
Sword & Shield NNG07DA21B Small Business
Technica Corporation NNG07DA29B Other Than Small *Read Details
Group D:   VARs NAICS Code: 541519
CDW*G NNG07DA35B Other Than Small
CounterTrade Products NNG07DA40B/NNG07DA50B WOSB
Emtec Federal NNG07DA51B Other Than Small
GovConnection, Inc. NNG07DA32B/NNG07DA38B Other Than Small
GTRI NNG07DA63B Other Than Small
immixGroup NNG07DA64B Other Than Small *Read Details
Iron Bow Technologies, LLC NNG07DA31B/NNG07DA39B Other Than Small
PCMG, Inc. NNG07DA62B Other Than Small
Presidio NNG07DA36B Other Than Small
Ricoh Americas Corp. NNG07DA52B Other Than Small
SoftChoice Corp. NNG07DA37B Other Than Small
Unicom Government, Inc. NNG07DA33B/NNG07DA49B Other Than Small
Unisys Corporation NNG07DA34B Other Than Small
World Wide Technology NNG07DA41B Other Than Small

Contract Effective Dates:

Forty-five contracts were awarded on May 1, 2007 and three contracts (NNG07DA62B, NNG07DA63B, and NNG07DA64B) were awarded on June 8, 2007. The period of performance of all competed contracts is seven years with a $5.6 billion contract limit.

SEWP Non-Competed 8(a) Contracts

SEWP awards a limited number of non-Competed 8(a) Set-Aside contracts which may provide IT support services along with IT products. This is Group E and complements the offerings on the larger competed Contracts in Groups A, B, C and D. Contracts NNG11FF47B, NNG11FF48B and NNG11FF49B are limited to a total of $4 Million each and NNG08DA02B is limited to $3.5 Million.

  Company   Contract(s)   Business Designation
Group E:   Non-Competed 8(a) Set-Asides
Copper River IT NNG11FF48B 8(a)
PSI Technology NNG08DA02B 8(a)
VAZtech, Inc. NNG11FF47B 8(a)
Victory Global. NNG11FF49B 8(a)

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