Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement

Process for CREDIT CARD ORDERS UNDER $3,500 with SEWP

To obtain a quote, send a Request For Quote e-mail to all SEWP Contract Holder POCs (Clicking this link will open an e-mail already addressed to the SEWP Contract Holders accepting Credit Card Orders)

If you have a suggested or known company or companies (SEWP Contract Holder(s)) from which you would like to obtain a quote, you can contact them directly by e-mailing the Credit Card POCs

As enacted on March 26, 2013, Public Law 113-6, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013 (Division B, Title V, Section 516), requires NASA to conduct additional scrutiny of all information technology system acquisitions. To assist in this assessment the SEWP Program Office has provided the following simplified credit card ordering process. As noted in the steps below, the SEWP Program Office will handle the approval process for Goddard credit card orders in conjunction with the GSFC review team. This site will be updated as more information/guidance is provided by Headquarters and the various Center Management Offices.

NASA (except GSFC) Guidance

For IT purchases, Contracting Officers at all NASA centers except NASA Goddard should follow PIC 13-04, PIC 14-03 and PIC 15-03 as well as their center's specified procedures to adhere to Section 516 practices.

NASA GSFC Guidance

When submitting a SEWP quote, Contracting Officers are not required to fill out a Request for Investigation (RFI) form. The SEWP Program Management Office will fill in and submit this form if needed.

Please contact SEWP Customer Service if you need assistance. Credit card orders over $3,500 should follow standard quoting procedures using the