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Contract Preferences for NASA IT Purchases

NASA headquarters released the attached memo based on White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memorandum M-11-29 of August 8, 2011.
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Enterprise License Management Initiative - Regarding NASA-Wide Licenses

Procurement Notice PN 04-75, dated April 15, 2013, requires maximum use of the Enterprise License Management (ELM) program for software licenses managed by the Enterprise License Management Team (ELMT) at the NSSC.

PR initiators are now required to send acquisition packages for software license requirements (for which the contractor is under an existing Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)), to the NSSC. In addition, the NSSC will award requirements for products and services from Mathworks, National Instruments and Mentor Graphics.

Existing ELAs can be found at:

Clause 1807.70, Enterprise License Management Team (ELMT) Program
Requiring Offices, Contracting Officers and Government-wide commercial purchase cardholders shall make use of the ELMT Program which establishes enterprise software license agreements that allow NASA to obtain favorable terms and pricing for commercial software and aligns with NASA's Strategic Sourcing Goals. The NSSC's ELMT Program Office is available to procure new software licenses or software maintenance contracts not currently in the ELMT portfolio. Allowing the ELMT Program the opportunity to process individual orders provides insight into Center requirements that will assist the ELMT in identifying future consolidation opportunities for the Agency. The full clause can be found at:

For information regarding NASA-wide Licenses, please contact any member of the NSSC Enterprise License Management Team (ELMT) via e-mail at or via telephone at 855-610-2871 (Toll-Free).

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Section 514/515/516

As enacted on March 26, 2013, Public Law 113-6, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013 (Division B, Title V, Section 516), requires NASA to conduct additional scrutiny of all information technology system acquisitions. For guidance, reference PCD 15-03A.

Clause 1852.225-73, Notification Prior to Acquiring Information Technology Systems from Entities Owned, Directed or Subsidized by the People's Republic of China
For your convenience, Clause 1852.225-73 has been incorporated into the SEWP contracts. We are in the process of posting the signed contract modifications for each contract holder.

Clause 1852.239-73, Review of the Offeror's Information Technology Systems Supply Chain
When issuing a request for proposals, quotations, or invitation for bids, to acquire IT systems using NASA appropriated funds, the contracting officer shall insert a provision substantially the same as the provision at 1852.239-73, Acquiring Information Technology Systems from Entities Owned, Directed or Subsidized by the People's Republic of China. To comply when using the include Clause 1852.239-73 as an attachment on the "Requirements Documentation" page.

Prior to purchasing an IT system, purchase cardholders and contracting officers shall ensure the item is either a) listed on the NASA OCIO's Assessed and Cleared IT List (A&A IT) or b) the procurement request includes an approved Request for Investigation Form. RFI Forms for NASA HQ approval. Once you get on this page type NF1823 in the search box and the form will come up. Please only use PC's when filling out this form as the program does not work on MAC's. View the items that are currently on the Assessed and Cleared List.

Credit Card Orders
Process for CREDIT CARD ORDERS UNDER $10,000 (Agency dependent, but typically between $3,500 and $10,000)

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NASA Procurement Process Resources

Effective February 16, 2018, the Single Purchase Limit (SPL) on the Government purchasing credit cards is being raised from $3,500 to $10,000 per purchase. The attached letter hereby grants you the authority to make purchases up to $10,000 (Agency dependent, but typically between $3,500 and $10,000) starting February 16, 2018. You are required to print a copy of the attached Delegation Letter and keep it with your current letter.

REMINDER: P-Card holders must use the appropriate installation's Central Receiving Facility as the deliver to/ship to address for property purchases using a purchase card.

Central Receiving Address by Facility:

Greenbelt's Central Receiving Address:
8800 Greenbelt Road
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771
Building 35, Room 100/Central Receiving

Wallops Flight Facility (WFF):
34200 Fulton Street
Wallops Island, VA 23337
Building F19, Room 101/Central Receiving

SAP PR Process - PPTX
12 Reasons for PR Rejection at the Finance (FN) Level - DOCX
PR Checklist - PDF
Sample Selection Form - DOCX

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How to Access SEWP Training

SEWP currently holds regular training sessions at Goddard twice a year and conducts trainings at other NASA Centers on request. Information covered during these sessions includes:

Requests for free on-site or WebEx training may be made either via e-mail or by contacting the SEWP Helpline at 301-286-1478.

Individuals requiring SEWP training before an on-site or WebEx training is scheduled may download a 20-minute introductory SEWP Training Video.

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