Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement

SEWP V Contract Info

Contract Number: NNG (varies per contract, see list)

NOTE: Upon clicking on a Contract Holder name from the list, the base contract can be found in the “Contract Documents”.

Contract Type: Fixed Price, IDIQ

SEWP is divided into 5 Groups of contracts. Groups A, B(1), B(2), C and D were awarded through a competitive process. Group A was a full and open competition and consists primarily of large and small OEM’s/manufacturers. Groups B, C, and D consists primarily of Value Added Resellers. Group B(1) was a small business set-aside competition for HUBZone businesses. Group B(2) was a small business set-aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB). Group C was a small business set-aside for Small Businesses. Group D was a full and open competition and consists of both small and large businesses.

Note that each competed group has the same scope which provides overlap among all contracts and groups.

Per Fair Opportunity as required by FAR Part 16, all Contract Holders within any one individual group must be considered (the SEWP on-line automatically provide the Fair Opportunity groupings when selecting Contract Holders). It is recommended to post requirements to multiple groups for maximum competition.

Contract Effective Dates: All SEWP V Contracts have an effective ordering period of May 1, 2015 through April 30, 2025. The base contracts were awarded for 5 years with one 5 year option for a total of 10 years. Each contract has a $20 Billion contract limit.
Contract Ceiling Limit: The current available ceiling for any given contract is a minimum of .

Contract Clauses:

Basic Contract Clauses (MAY 2015)
Revised Contract Clauses (JUN 2016)

Contract SOW:

Download the SEWP V Contract Statement of Work SOW