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SEWP Training Files

This is where you can find the latest and greatest versions of the SEWP On-site training files.
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File Link Description
SEWP Training Slides Dated: 3-28-18
SEWP V FASST Enhanced Slides PPTX Dated: 07-09-18 / FASST Expanded Content
SEWP V FASST Strategic Slides PPTX Dated: 07-09-18 / FASST Strategic w/Legal Content
SEWP Mini quiz DOC Dated: 11-9-16
CH Training Slides PPT Dated: 5-1-18
CH Mini Quiz PPT Dated: 11-9-16
Provider Training Slides PPT Dated: 7-1-17
NCMA 2018 slides
SEWP Overview JW PPT Dated: 7-9-18
FAR DC PPT Dated: 7-9-18
Strategic Presentation DC PPT Dated: 7-9-18
Industry PPT Dated: 7-25-18
SEWP Journey PPT Dated:
SIRK Content PPT Dated:
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